Top 4 Crested Butte Fall Foliage Drives

Crested Butte is consistently ranked as the top place to see colorful fall foliage in the entire state of Colorado! While you can see the colors from our Crested Butte vacation rentals and nearby local hikes, we recommend taking a drive to really get the full experience. We’ve listed some of the best drives near Crested Butte to see the colors as well as directions so you can plan your drive.

Kebler Pass

Located east of Crested Butte along Gunnison County Road 12, this high mountain pass tops at over 10,000 feet and winds its way through the largest grove of aspen trees in the United States! While parts of this road are gravel, it is gently graded and passable for low-clearance 2 wheel drive vehicles. It is typically open June through October and features access to many hiking and camping opportunities nearby.

Roundtrip Drive Time: 40 minutes
Map and Directions: Click Here

Ohio Pass

Located near Kebler Pass, Ohio Pass is also accessed by traveling west along County Road 12 from Crested Butte. Just before arriving at Kebler Pass, turn left onto County Road 730 and drive for about one mile before arriving at the pass. This stop makes a great addition to a trip to Kebler Pass and offers stunning views of the many aspens and high peaks in the area.

Roundtrip Drive Time: 45 minutes
Map and Directions: Click Here 

West Elk Loop

The West Elk Loop is the best option for those that would like to spend a few hours driving through some of the state’s most scenic and (mostly) paved back roads accessible to 2wd vehicles. Highlights include Kebler Pass, views of the Black Canyon, traveling along the Gunnison River. You’ll pass through many different types of terrain and some of the state’s largest groves of aspen trees. 

Roundtrip Drive Time: 4.5 hours
Map and Directions: Click Here

Crystal Mill

For the most adventurous travelers in search of stunning fall colors, we recommend dedicating an entire day to visiting the Crystal Mill. One of the most photographed locations in Colorado, the Crystal Mill offers a unique view of a late 19th-century mill perched over a turquoise blue creek surrounded by beautiful aspens that turn yellow and gold in the fall. 

Accessible only by high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicles, some choose to hike the 4.5-mile long road from the nearby town of Marble. While this is a time consuming all-day trip, it is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime!

Roundtrip Drive Time: 6 hours
Map and Directions: Click Here


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